We would like that every tourist, new or already devoted to Salento, had the possibility to enrich a vacation which already in itself is awesome, with all the cultural and amusement services, greatly and freely offered by the place and by its unique characteristics.

This is the reason why we have always organised for you excursion that will allow you to discover the wide variety of natural, aquatic, gastronomic, historical and adventurous beauties that Salento, Puglia and the entire territory offer. From Otranto to Gallipoli and from Porto Cesareo to Ugento, down to Santa Maria di Leuca.

Food tours, boat trips, Yacht rental, tourist itineraries, naturalistic excursions and hiking tours in protected oasis, bathing establishments, fishing tourism, museums, guided tours and much more… this is what Puglia, with its culture and its unspoiled nature, offers to amaze you and Hotel Luna Lido cannot but let you know it.

Leuca “De Finibus Terrae

Santa Maria di Leuca is in the southernmost point of the Heel of Italy and is about 32 km from our hotel. Nestled between the cliffs of Basilica di S.M. de Finibus Terrae and Punta Ristola, it is enriched by the noble residences dating back to XIX century. The karst terrain gave raise to caves of calcareous origin of great archaeological interest.

The tourist port is equipped to host small and big boats. A very suggestive path flanks it from the sea promenade up to a monumental staircase.

Beaches of Ugento

Ugento coastline can boast the sea resorts of Lido Marini, Torre Mozza and Torre San Giovanni: more than 10 km of very beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallow sea, which deserve the name of “Maldives of Salento”. The natural beauty of this place, the richness in dune and Mediterranean scrub, the natural ponds are now part of the Regional Natural Park Ugento Coast of more than 1600 hectares, instituted by Puglia Region in 2007.
You can book a discovery trip to the Park directly at our hotel.

Lecce, “chief town of Baroque

Lecce, chief town of the province, is just 60 km from our hotel. City of the Baroque par excellence, known as “Florence of the South”, it has been Italian capital of culture in 2015. The beauty of the city has been highly revaluated by the restoration works of the old town of the last 30 years.
Famous for its papier mache boutiques and for the bright white of the pietra leccese (a particular local stone) which covers its palaces and churches, Lecce is a very lively city, university seat, and always meeting point of cultures, perfumes and Mediterranean styles.

Gallipoli “nightlife in Salento”

Gallipoli is just 26 km from our hotel. The old town leans towards the sea until it forms almost an island, connected to the mainland by a bridge. Walking and getting lost among the alleyways of the old town, discovering at every corner a different view of the city over the sea, the numerous churches, the courtyards, the ancient and baroque palaces, the harbour, is pleasant. An unmissable treasure to discover.

Gallipoli has become the reference point for those who love clubs and nightlife.

Otranto “Gateway to the East“

Otranto is one of the most aristocratic towns in Salento. Imposing city walls enclose the Aragon Castle. The Norman Cathedral preserves the biggest floor mosaic in Europe: it portrays the Tree of Life and scenes from the Old Testament.
The ancient hamlet has been recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2010 as site “messenger of peace” and is member of the club “I borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful towns in Italy).