Here you can rejuvenate your body through a series of massages, designed just for you. Discover all the offers and relax at the Hotel Luna Lido.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage (in the Orient, a symbol of eternal youth) is a sculpting and lifting massage for the body and face. It is a vigorous massage with strong bio-stimulating and reactivating properties. It exploits the quality of bamboo reeds to perform a deep massage with draining, toning and decontracting effects.

It is indicated after sporting activity and to combat cellulite.

Shell Massage

Shell Massage has its origins on the island of Hyahine in Polynesia. It is performed with natural Pacific shells and the manoeuvres are gentle and undulating. It is very relaxing and a unique multi-sensory experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Through the use of hot and cold stones, this massage helps to release
muscle rigidity, improve joint mobility and relieve tension in the spine. It also decongests lymphatic deposits, positively influencing arterial circulation and detoxifying the body.

Hawaiian Massage

It is an enveloping and relaxing massage, improves circulation, relaxes contracted muscles, helps eliminate toxins, facilitates sleep, and promotes general mental and physical well-being.

Swedish Massage

This massage technique helps to promote relaxation, reducing stress, toning muscles, exerting a decontracting action and reducing muscle and joint pain. It promotes and stimulates lymphatic circulation.

Basic Massage

The massage acts on the entire bony-muscular structure of the body, eliminating
stress, posture problems, contractures and muscle and joint tension at the same time, producing a state of complete relaxation in the client.

Californian Massage

It is recommended for all those who wish to achieve global well-being.

Face Lifting Massage

This is a ‘natural lifting’ treatment that stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, detoxifies and oxygenates the tissues and promotes the elimination of toxins.

In addition to the previous treatments (Bamboo Massage, Shell Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Swedish Massage, Basic Massage, Californian Massage) 10 minutes of Face Lifting.


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