The coastline that characterises Torre San Giovanni, lapped by exceptionally limpid and crystal-clear waters, is rocky in the north, while in the south offers fine sand beaches. Here you can relax and take a dip into the clear sea.

Thanks to all their comforts, the beaches of Torre San Giovanni are super-equipped to guarantee relaxation and cosiness for a no-stress vacation!

If you love the paradisiac stretches of sand in the Caribbean style, the beaches of Torre San Giovanni will not disappoint you!

A little gem: in front of the coasts of Torre San Giovanni you can see a small islet emerging from the waters of the Ionian Sea, called Isola di Pazze. According to the legend, right in this point, in the VI century, the Greeks of Taranto and the Messapians of Ugento signed a peace treaty: the island, indeed, is also known as Isola della Pace (Island of the Peace).

Reachable by swimming, or by a small boat, what is most striking is the splendid natural landscape of the islet, characterised by verdant Mediterranean scrub which contrasts with the blue of the sea.

A landscape that still preserves an unspoiled aspect.